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Our collection of 300+ professional videos covers WordPress from A2Z in easy-to-follow steps. Start from the beginning or thumb through our membership area to the exact lesson you need.

Newbies find our WordPress collection easy to understand and follow. Seasoned WordPress pros find best-practice nuggets and expert-level tips.

WordPress Rules!

  • 39% of websites run on WordPress
  • 62% of all CMS sites do the same
  • 70 million new blog posts pop up every month!
  • 21.2 billion WordPress pages are viewed monthly!
  • WordPress is scalable, newbie-friendly, versatile, and free!

But... Fewer than 10% of WordPress sites are...

  • Future proof designed
  • Rock solid secure
  • Backed up on a schedule!

And with more than 8,000 themes, and 58,000 plugin options it’s no surprise WordPress can be unstable and a security/hacking nightmare.

WordPressA2Z does WordPress Right!

Master all aspects of WordPress from simple design to complex eCommerce mega stores and much more! See a detailed course breakdown below.

*Update videos are added following every major WordPress release so you are always current!

Video Tutorials by a Professional Videographer.

All lessons are delivered in short, easily digestible video segments that are well done, over-the-shoulder training at its best.

The professional-level video work and narration make the technical subject feel like a casual tour. 

1. Setup

How to install and take the important setup steps necessary to avoid catastrophe and endless repair hours.

3. Build Content

Learn the right way plan, design and build Page/Post layouts, grids and archives that future proofs your work.

2. Design

Discover the fast and easy way to master the newest version of the Gutenberg Block Editor. (Including ways to profit using Gutenberg!)

4. Security and Backups

Build a 100% secure website with multiple backup solutions in place - and sleep easier!

See the full list of video course categories below.

"Now you can work with WordPress safely and efficiently, producing professionally designed, secure web assets!"

Explore the general topic areas covered in WordPressA2Z

WordPress Primer is the beginning of your WordPress training. It introduces you to the WordPress software platform and new items being added with each new version of WordPress. It also gives you a tour of the Admin Dashboard and walks you through the many options and first steps of setting up your WordPress site. 

This segment covers how to secure your WordPress site. The popularity of WordPress makes it a target for hackers. This course segment will keep your site safe. Security is expensive to outsource but even more expensive if your valuable site is hacked. These important steps save the cost of paid security and the very high-cost of lax, or no security.

This segment walks you through the different controls within your WordPress site that allow you to create your content. Learn the functional and SEO difference between a post and a page and the appropriate use of each. Discover how to design and implement page and post templates that streamline your workflow and add a professional polish to your entire site. Use the Media Manager efficiently, and much more.

Giving into demand, we include a full set of tutorials for both the Gutenberg Block Editor and the Classic Editor as many people require only basic editing tools. (Highly detailed coverage of the newest version of the Gutenberg Editor is covered in segment 14 with 36 up-to-date videos.)

Localhosting your WordPress Site shows you how to set up a fully functioning WordPress site on your local computer – not on the Internet. This is where you can learn and test all design and functional elements on your localhost site. Experiment with themes and plugins and test compatibility and responsive device views. Once you see everything works, transfer those customizations or code tweaks to your live site. Plus, you’ll learn how to move your entire localhost site to your live host and vice versa. We also share a few ‘hacks’ and resources to go semi-live! 😉

 The WordPress Page Speed segment shows you various methods to test and speed up your WordPress site and keep it running fast. From your hosting service to things on your site that can be adjusted for peak performance.

WordPress SEO is important if you want to enjoy the benefits of ‘free’ traffic from search engines. Learn how to properly install and configure one of the most powerful and popular SEO plugins on the market.

Theme Customization Learn to quickly make your WordPress site stand out from the crowd and the millions of other WordPress sites on the web. This is a good time to first set up your localhost site and customize your theme before doing so on your live site. The process is easy and we show you every step along the way. Learn theme and Child Theme basics that are foundational to solid designs.

WordPress forums are still wildly popular. Forums have extreme allure because of privacy not found on social media platforms, conversation logging, community building, and easy integrations with business websites. And there are more forums to choose from online today than ever. (Freelance idea?)

The cool thing about forums is that they’ve evolved over the years. Those old forums with long threads and sometimes confusing dialogues are still around because the format seems to work. But there are many forum formats, like question and answer layouts and group tutoring.

Think forums are a thing of the past? Tell that to a forum site like Quora with 300 million active monthly users or Stack Overflow and Reddit with more than 50 million monthly visitors each!

WordPress Plugins are a major part of WordPress sites. They provide additional functionality that allows you to pretty much make your WordPress site do whatever you want it to do.

This course segment breaks down what a plugin is and even shows you how to build a basic plugin that you can use on your own site.

We outline several plugins that are best in class. Many that may surprise you!

WordPress Multisite is a built-in feature of WordPress that lets you build a community of WordPress sites, all from within a single main site that you control. 16 videos remove the mystery and guesswork of the WordPress Multisite feature. You’ll know what a multisite is, why you might want one and of course how to build and secure them – something a large percent of established web designers do not.

eCommerce is what many of us are primarily interested in when it comes to working with WordPress.

How Can I Make Money? There is a little more to it than “If You Build It They Will Come” but it certainly starts with building a functioning online eCommerce site. The training in this segment will introduce you to several no-cost tools that allow you to build a small online store – which you can easily scale up to a huge enterprise.

We devote attention to helping you deploy WooCommerce the right way, product templates, setting up DropShipping, PayPal API and Stripe payments, ect.

Much like the Multisite segment, the eCommerce videos will put you way ahead of basic designers.

Traffic Generation is one of the more important training segments because it covers tips, tricks, and techniques on generating traffic to your WordPress sites. It is also the module that we add resources to most often. The Traffic Generation Resource Page is a Members Only series of posts that share our experience and helpful traffic options. Members receive an email with every addition to the Resource Page.

WordPress Maintenance is a time (and problem) saver – not a waste of time! This module provides checklists of daily, monthly and annual tasks with training videos showing the How-To for those tasks. Included are… Fool-Proof Backups, Newmerous Site Tests, Image Optimizations, Updates, Cleanups, Replace Salts, Broken Links, Clean and Optimize Database, and much more.

WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor: This Gutenberg training package is a must-have for new and long-time WordPress users. These 36 detailed videos can easily stand alone as a full-blown Gutenberg Master Course.

As an integral part of WordPress the Gutenberg Editor is a game-changer for many people that found the original Classic page editor restrictive. It is a powerful site builder with a fast-growing number of add-on blocks and dedicated theme designs. And it can work alongside other favorite WordPress page builders like Elementor. (This site uses both!)

Just a few of the video topics covered…

  • Tools and Options
  • Tools and Options/Plugins
  • First Page, First Post
  • Clickable Table Of Contents
  • Block Basics/Advanced
  • Columns Block Basics/Advanced
  • Images/Links and Group Blocks
  • Reusable Blocks & Management
  • Advanced Section Custom CSSx4

And 27 more to round out your working understanding of the Gutenberg Editor and take even a practiced user to the next level of proficiency.

Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan

I've worked with WordPress for more than a decade and have used it to build everything from sophisticated data driven process sites to quirky holiday landing pages.

My first real stress test of WordPress was a subscriber editable lead capture network that easily accommodated more than 4000 members and over a million captured leads.

It is easy to say WordPress has come a long way, but even the most current version requires a solid foundational understanding of security, design templating, and backups. WordPressA2Z provides exactly that and more.

Bonus...The policy of providing Update videos with every major WordPress release makes WorPressA2Z a truly valuable lifetime membership.

If you do WordPress, definitely do WordPressA2Z!

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